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Websites for purely commercial endeavours, such as agriculture co-operatives, retail businesses, manufacturing, etc.

Agricultural Cooperatve

I have built a number of software applications and websites for a large agricultural cooperative in Ireland.  Public-facing services such as retail information, shareholder data, agricultural advisory services, and other resources have been key features for this client.  I have also built a custom web portal for dairy suppliers to monitor and analyse their milk quantity, quality and value over time with graphical analysis. […]

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I have built a website for an industrial customer whose business mission is to provide specialised machinery to the food production industry.  The website needed to be clear and appealing to those in need of this engineering firm’s services.  I believe that this website enhanced the professional presentation of this excellent business. […]

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Web Portal

One of Ireland’s largest dairy co-operatives commissioned me to develop a secure web portal so that hundreds of Irish dairy farms can better understand the key performance metrics of their grass-based dairy farming operations. For the first time, a large percentage of Ireland’s dairy producers can securely access an up-to-date web portal that presents clear visualisations of their operations: Volumes of milk collected daily, monthly and annually. Percentage and weight of milk solids (butterfat, protein and lactose) in those collections. Lab tests for milk quality, including Somatic Cell Count and Total Bacteria Count. Download monthly and annual statements Year-by-year performance summaries, including value of weight of milk solids per cow and per hectare. Please contact me if you have need of modern, secure web-based data visualisations for your business partners. […]

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Nest® Thermostat Integration

I wrote a binding for the openHAB home automation bus that lets you monitor and control your Nest thermostats and smoke+CO detectors. The binding’s wiki can be found here. If you install the openHAB software on a suitable system, you can install the binding by copying a JAR file into the addons directory and editing the openhab.cfg file. I hope you like it. […]

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