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Case studies in e-commerce websites I’ve built.

Chocolate Factory

It was very enjoyable to build a website that sells delicious, handmade chocolate bars over the Internet. Some aspects of the website were very typical for an e-commerce shop, but adding unique, personal touches to the site, like creating an animated tour through the process, from cocoa beans to chocolate bars, was both a lot of work and very rewarding. Let me build a unique solution for your small business! […]

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Online Pharmacy

In 2018, I developed an online pharmacy website, encountering and overcoming a number of unique characteristics for online pharmacies, including extra regulatory compliance, careful data protection requirements, and additional mechanisms for verifying legitimate commerce of non-prescription medications. […]

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Health & Beauty

I was commissioned by a small startup business to create an online shop that made it effortless to sell health and beauty products online to Irish customers.  The key elements of this project were low initial and running costs to the startup, while offering a high quality presentation, ease of use, and brand consistency. […]

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Surf Shop

In 2013, I built an e-commerce web shop for a local surf shop.  It has been running smoothly for my customer, with occasional questions and intervention.  The customer has very low cost of ownership for this revenue generator.   […]

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