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Websites I’ve built for businesses in the hospitality industry—restaurants, bars, guest houses, self-catering.

Community Listings

There is a beautiful seaside village in West Cork called Courtmacsherry. In the summertime, it might just be the nicest place to amble in all of Ireland. I was honoured to be commissioned to create a website that catalogued all there is to see and do in Courtmac (as the locals call it). Each ongoing business and community group has its own listing, and can be claimed by a stakeholder and managed and maintained over time. There is also the possibility to charge a recurring fee for the listing to remain visible. […]

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Bar & Restaurant

Another bar and restaurant in West Cork knew of my previous work and commissioned me in 2016 to build a new website for them that captured the young but polished character of their establishment. A major part of this location is their delicious lunch menu. Their website is so easy to use, they update their lunch menu directly in the website nearly every single day. […]

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Guest House

I’ve built a website for a signature guesthouse in West Cork.  I was fortunate to have professional photography of the historical location and high-spec accommodations.  The design of the website also called for a high-quality presentation so guests would know they were in for an excellent stay. The tooling behind the website was not a generic WordPress installation, because a much more bespoke experience was called for. […]

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Self Catering

This bespoke website concisely conveys the charm and utility of a self-catering establishment in West Cork.  There is a lot to do and see there, plenty of detail about facilities, rates, capacities, etc., all conveyed with clarity and brevity.  The website has even been professionally translated into German for ease of access for our Teutonic friends. […]

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Restaurant and Café

A very stylish restaurant and café in West Cork has a one-page website I designed.  This site conveys a polished feel to prospective guests that their experience will meet their high expectations.  There is nothing typical about this website—it has a degree of distinctness that customers will find as memorable as they find informative. […]

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